Washington state is 50th in tax equality.

Dead last. Although Washington has a balanced budget, the majority of the burden for paying the expenses in our state is falling on those who earn the least. So dramatic is the difference, that the poorest among us are paying SIX times as much!

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), a think tank based in the nation’s capital, has consistently ranked Washington as the “most skewed tax system in the nation.” They calculate that the lowest 20 percent of income earners (families making less than $24,000) contribute almost 18 percent of their annual earnings to state and local tax coffers, while the top 1 percent (those making over $545,900) pay just 3 percent of their income. “Inlander” April 11, 2019

What can we do?

No one wants a state income tax, but something must be done. We cannot continue to overburden the people in our community who struggle the most to keep body and soul together and food on the table. The legislature is aware of this and is planning  to create a committee dedicated to working on this issue in the next term

Protecting the everyman

To me, fairness in our economic system, especially when it comes to our tax burden, is a primary concern second only to equality and civil liberties. If I win the race, it is my intention to secure a place on this committee and work towards a fair economic system.