Seeking the balance

There will never be a medium in which everyone will be happy. The issues of safety and security are not limited to our defense of nation, but extend to defense of self and our rights as a whole. If your liberty is being abused, you are also, in most cases, less secure. The Constitutional foundation established with the Bill of Rights to protect us from the government is sometimes at odds to our ultimate protection and the limits we will accept on our liberty are personal and individual.

You can not insure liberty for yourself, if you are not willing to grant the same to others.

Often times, the debate became so aggressive that it becomes impossible to step back and look for alternate solutions that make getting something you do not want a lesser burden to your sense of justice and what is right. Unless we want civil war and violence, the ability to find solutions that ease the disappointment on both sides while maintaining liberty and offering protection is what we need to strive for in a civilized society.

Freedom is not synonymous with free-for-all.

What is unacceptable, is the pursuit of violent ends to dominate solutions in your favor and abridge the rights of your brethren. I will stand strong to ensure both safety and liberty are being satisfied, not just for those with privilege, but for all of us. We CAN work together to find a balance.