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Cathy’s “Gift” Violates the 1st Amendment

Religious freedom has always meant the separation of church and state. Christian Nationalist like Cathy McMorris Rodgers are seeking to destroy that. Vote Ann Marie Danimus for Congress to protect our cherished rights. Vote4annmarie.com #FlipWA05

Protesting extremist Marjorie Taylor Green in CDA

We went. We protested. We got the video. MTG hid in the back while her handlers spewed a completely FALSE claim that Dems don’t support our troops. It’s the DEMS that passed the PACT Act, troop payraises & GI Bill expansion. Cathy & most GOP voted NO. #FlipWA05 #supportourtroops


Cathy Mc Morris Rodgers is once again tweeting out empty platitudes and trying to hide her long record of turning her back on our veterans. She hailed her latest legislation, which would award Congressional Gold Medals to certain Vietnam Era veterans, as a “bipartisan” success. Cathy has betrayed our servicemembers so many times that I had to make a list! …


 GOP Rep. Chip Roy said what everyone else is thinking. This Republican House has not done a thing for Americans. Cathy is a senior member and has NEVER stood up for the people. It’s time for her to go.

NOPE: Not one penny of corporate money, EVER!

  Democratic Congressional Candidate for WA05, Ann Marie Danimus, explains her NOPE pledge to not take a penny of corporate money. Ending Citizen’s United and corporate influence on our Congress is of the utmost importance if we want to return the priority of our government to the people.