Calling all 4th LD Democrats!

Where is your candidate? How can you be guaranteed he will work for you in office if he does not bother to present policy or campaign? No signs, no party endorsement, no website, no social media post since 2012. Pick the candidate with balanced policy plans that not only supports progressive policy, but can find the best economic path to protect citizens and grow our economy who also has the support of moderate GOP. Moderates can bring us back. Send my voice to Olympia for you.

Meet the Candidates

In today’s episode of “Meet The Candidate” host Sue Lani Madsen sits down with Ann Marie Danimus who is running for WA. State Dist. 4 State Senator.

Let’s Talk

Today on "Let's Talk", Mike discusses current issues and topics in the 4th Legislative District with candidate for State Senate, Ann Marie Danimus.

4th LD Senate Debate

Ann Marie Danimus (I) and State Senator Mike Padden (R) share their stances on local issues and why they’re running. Moderated by Mike Fitzsimmons.

Before the Gavel Strikes

Removing bias from our justice system.