Between 1995-2019 the top 10% of farm subsidy recipients received 78% of the money.

– Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Eastern Washington’s family-owned farms need a voice in Washington DC. As a young girl, Ann Marie spent summers and vacations working on her aunt & uncle’s farm and she lived in rural Oklahoma a few years as a teen. She has seen the challenges small farms face firsthand. Ann Marie is dedicated to listening to the people who feed Eastern Washington to create innovative solutions that increase access to resources for small farms and cut through Bureaucratic Red Tape to ensure that family-owned businesses have equal access to support.

We must eliminate redundancy and the multi-agency obstacle course for compliance in both the farming and forestry industries and streamline the process. Not only does this feed the local economy, it increases food quality and cuts a path to be truly farm-to-table. Ann Marie is gathering a group of local agricultural advisers as she drafts her Small Farm Protection Act.