Education is a building block for success in life. This is an area we’re finding is more of a necessity for us to compete in the world market, and expand opportunities for Americans.
• Expand pre-schools with government funding for free access.
• Create or fund more after-school programs. Especially for children of working parents to reduce babysitting costs.
• Reverse the 1997 decision to privatize loans.
• School loans are interest free.
  • All interest and late fees should be reversed with FULL credit on money paid against the principal.
• Undergrad education is subsidized up to $30,000. Or loans reduced to that amount.
  • Any refunds are applied as a tax credit amortized over 5 years.
  • Includes anyone who has paid off loans originated after 1990. Cap on tax refunds up to $20,000 for undergrad and $50,000 for advanced degrees. INTEREST ONLY.
  • Cap on monthly payments of $199.
  • Immediate discharge if you are permanently disabled.
  • Expanded ability to include in bankruptcy with a priority for those with medical debt.
  • Additional reductions available by application for illness, military service, non profit work, etc…
  • Eliminate block on loans to children of wealthy parents who will not pay for schooling.
  • Make associate degrees fully subsidized as well as a variety of certificates and trade schools.
  • Free college to those eager to work in high demand areas like nursing.
  • Look to expand additional free college options in the future, but expand better funding should be provided on a Federal level to lower costs across the board for higher education.
  1. Paul Franzmann says:

    Finally met your competition at a meet ‘n greet in Walla Walla. Nice, personable, good story, appears to be a good choice, but I’m sticking with you. A more progressive outlook and the fact I had no idea who s/he might be this far into the campaign is worrisome.

    Best wishes going forward!

  2. Ronnie Carlson says:

    So glad you want to work on these issues! I will definitely vote for you and hope we can knock out the 18-year incumbent who has done NOTHING for the constituency of Eastern Washington!

    Thank you!

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